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Inboard engines

We repair and maintain all kinds of marine propulsion systems.

Whether smaller diesel engines for sailing boats, powerful diesel engines for the slightly faster boat type of motorboats, shafting-, sail- or sterndrives, your engine is in good hands with us.

Service, inspections, maintenance and repairs

Maintenance, Inspection, Repair

We take care about anything to ensure your engine takes you to your destination safely reliably at any time.

We offer numerous services for any aspect of your engine, whether maintenance, inspection or repair, at our workshop your motor is always in professional hands.


Looking to upgrade and not sure where to go?

We are happy to take the time to advise you comprehensively and professionally.

Winter service

We take care of everything so that your drive gets through the cold winter time stress-free.

Our winter service includes a winter inspection and professional preservation of your engine, so you can prevent avoidable damage.

Maintenance, inspection, repair

Our service includes maintenance and inspection according to the  manufacturer’s specifications, the inspection of the fuel system including the tank for impurities (diesel plague),  the inspection and repair of the diesel injection pump,  as well as the injection nozzles.

We calculate your propeller and are thus able to give you recommendations for the optimal pitch.

We repair and maintain engines of all popular brands, such as Bukh, Volvo Penta, Mercruiser, Yanmar, Nanni, Perkins and Vetus.

With our professional workshop equipment, we are able to read out any modern engine.

We organize and exchange spare parts such as gearboxes, saildrives, saildrive cuffs for you. We carry common spare parts in our workshop trolley.

If you have any special requests, we will of course take them into account.

Mikes Bootsmotoren Service - Sven Innenborder

Winter service

You want to prepare your engine for everything so that it does not corrode due to the long downtimes in winter or damage due to frost due to the low temperatures in winter  .

To prevent this unsightly and avoidable damage to the engine from occurring in the first place, we preserve your engine professionally and winterize it. With this work, you will extend the reliability and service life of your engine.

If you wish, we  can check your engine again during conservation in autumn and replace defective  parts and used anodes at the same time, so that you can start the coming season relaxed and be safe from unpleasant surprises.